Tex Trude

Tex-Trude was founded in 1951 by Tom Shartle and Bruce Keckley. Mr. Shartle and Mr. Keckley owned a large steel casting company in Houston and decided that plastics was the future. They began making plastic pipe and fittings used in golf course irrigation and other commercial irrigation.

Mr. Charles Nettles, Sr. worked for the steel company as a metallurgist and engineer. He was sent to help out the struggling plastics company on a part-time basis. In 1952, the plastics company was reorganized and Mr. Nettles, Sr. took over as president. The company moved from a small 7-11 building in Galena Park to a warehouse on Clinton Drive. The company moved away from the pipe business and into glazing bead for the window and door industry and other custom profile extrusions. As the business grew, they moved to the Gulf Freeway plant and started making blown film for the garment and shirt bag industry. In the late 1950’s, they expanded the blown film business and started making sheeting for the synthetic rubber industry.

In 1965, Tex-Trude bought 20 acres on Sheldon Road in Channelview, Texas and moved the blown film operation to this location. In 1971, they bought 10 acres on Hwy. 90 and moved the PVC Profile Extrusion division. In 1995, Tex-Trude bought an additional 30 acres at Sheldon Road for a total of 50 acres.

In 1984, Mr. Nettles, Sr. and Mr. Jack Dale made a leveraged buyout of all other Tex-Trude stockholders and took control of Tex-Trude. In 1985, Charles Nettles, Jr. joined the firm and took over sales. In 1988, Mr. Nettles, Sr. put his stock in trust for his 3 children and by 1991, Tex-Trude had repurchased Mr. Jack Dale’s stock.  In 1997, Mr. Charles Nettles, Jr. bought 100% of the stock. 

Unexpectedly, Mr. Charles Nettles, Sr. died on November 26, 2003. He was highly respected by every employee and is greatly missed. His legacy at Tex-Trude will always live on.

In 2004, the company built a new 70,000 square foot building at the Sheldon Road site and moved the PVC Profile Extrusion division over to the main campus. Over time, the company grew at a fast pace. Revenues were $7 million in 1984, and topped $50 million in 2008.

On Saturday, November 8, 2008, Tex-Trude had a major 5 alarm fire. It took 50 fire trucks and over 200 fire fighters two days to put out the fire. It burned over 4.5 million pounds of finished goods, over 2 million pounds of resin, as well as the Shipping and Receiving, Reprocessing and Bag-making Departments totaling 170,000 square feet of buildings. Tex-Trude immediately started rebuilding and completed the new 185,000 square foot building in January 2010. While the fire was a huge loss for the company, it has also allowed Tex-Trude to analyze existing markets and to enter new markets. The new building now has three Alpine 3-layer blown film lines and has expansion capacity for another 3 multi-layer blown film lines. It also is equipped with state-of-the-art SVT bottom weld bag machines.

In 2011, Charlie Nettles III joined Tex-Trude, LP, and he currently serves as the Technical Sales Manager. Tex-Trude has 160 employees with sales in excess of $60 million in 2015.

" Since I have been at Tex-Trude, I have had the opportunity to work in three different departments. I have learned so much, and I hope to grow in the future. "

Daniela Pozos

" I have recently celebrated 27 years of employment with Tex-Trude. I was looking for a job to get by in life but received a tremendous opportunity for a career in the plastics field. I am simply amazed by all the progress that has taken place since the November 8, 2008 fire that destroyed 2/3 of the plant. 
I am excited about the future and the progress we are making on a daily basis. Keep your feet on the ground and keep reaching for the stars.” "

Eddie Rodriguez, 

" Overtime, opportunities have presented themselves to me to advance in the organization. I feel that I have been surrounded by family. I thoroughly enjoy the people I work with. "

Eric Braren, Manager

" I have been with Tex-Trude for a little over a year now. I started as a Press Operator, and now with hard work, I was able to move up to the Night Supervisor. I am excited to see what the future has to offer at Tex-Trude. "

Noel Urrabazo

" As a member of Tex-Trude’s management team, I have been given the privilege of learning more about the blown film industry. Because of all of the fabulous Tex-Trude employees that have been working alongside of me, I have truly seen and feel what we call teamwork! Looking forward to the future is exciting! Being a part of the growth of such a wonderful company is truly a blessing. Camaraderie is evident in the daily work schedule as we see raw materials turned into a finished product and shipped to our customers. The Reprocessing Department is a piece of that puzzle in that the scrap materials are recycled right back into our process helping to keep our costs lower. In looking ahead, I see only good things! "

Richard Sathe

" I have worked for almost 2 years at Tex-Trude and enjoy my role. Many people have been at this family-owned, safe environment company for over 25 years, which says a lot about this company. It is the best place to work! "

Tani Griffith

" I started with Tex-Trude in 2009 as a Forklift Operator, and I never would have imagined that it would turn into a wonderful career. Within two years, I was presented with an opportunity to become a Logistics Coordinator. As a result of my continued hard work, I was again promoted to the Shipping and Receiving Manager. I never thought that one day I would be running a department, but Tex-Trude saw my potential and has allowed me the opportunity to grow within the organization. "

Wesley Bean